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ON AIR: Generational Understanding and Connecting!

Written by Sherri Petro on . Posted in Blog

Listen as Blog Talk Radio and Women Lead Radio Interview gain a generational understanding from Sherri Petro and learn more about how Sherri’s speaking career was sparked.

Sherri is a generational training expert and presenter with hundreds of presentations, workshops, and seminars to her credit.

Her passion is educating organizations on how to increase organizational sustainability by leveraging the talents and skills of all in multi-generational workplaces.

A crusader masked as a management consultant, Sherri has stories, statistics, and style that drive the content home. Her good humor serves her well as she works through serious organizational issues to achieve results. Sherri is an edu-tainer.

Whether it is an annual conference, work event, team meeting or a unique occasion, Sherri presents on several hot topics.

Increase your generational understanding and learn a few of Sherri’s generational gems on this this radio blog: